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Answering Questions on Blocked Drains and Boiler Repairs in Bromley

If you own a domestic or commercial property in Bromley, it’s almost certain that you’ll need the services of plumbers or drainage consultants at one time or another. Defluo Plumbing & Drainage cover all locations in South London, Kent and the South East. If you need emergency plumbing services, boiler repairs or a technician to clear blocked drains, Defluo are the team to trust. We cover all locations in and around Bromley.

Here, we answer some questions about the work our plumbers and drainage technicians can do for you. While we principally focus on blocked drains and boiler repairs on this page, our company is always available to answer any questions you may have about our full service range. Contact our call centre now for further advice.

What causes blocked drains?
Blocked drains at your Bromley property can be caused by many things but the most common thing we find is that homeowners mistakenly flush things down the toilet that should be disposed of in a bin. Nappies, wet wipes, sanitary towels and industrial all-purpose paper are frequently found by our plumbers and drainage technicians.

How will you clear my drainage system?
Drainage problems can be cleared using rods but, if our plumbers suspect something more significant, we’ll use high-pressure jet washers to force out the blockage. This is particularly suitable for Bromley properties that may not have had attention to the drainage system for some years. This is because our jet washers remove hardened scale from pipework walls.

What if there’s a more worrying problem?
Defluo can provide a full CCTV inspection of your drainage system. This method uses a remote-controlled camera that travels through drainage pipework. Images are relayed back to an above-ground monitor and recorded to DVD. We then sit down with our Bromley customers, show them the results and recommend the most suitable repair method.

Do you undertake boiler repairs?
Absolutely, and this is a major part of our service range. We can visit any location in the Bromley area with a view to completing boiler repairs on the very first visit. Defluo carry a stock range of fast-moving parts on our van. This ensures that our plumbers and gas engineers always have the resources needed to repair boilers on the majority of first visits.

Can you work on any boiler type?
Yes. We are not affiliated to one particular brand. Instead, we broaden our knowledge through effective employee training so that boiler repairs can be undertaken on any manufacturer make or model. If we can’t find an economical or safe method of repair for your boiler, we can provide a competitive quotation for a full replacement.

Defluo clear blocked drains and provide boiler repairs for clients in all parts of Bromley. Contact us now to ask any personal questions you may have.

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